Wind Energy Ireland can be your perfect research partner. 

We are leading experts in communications, dissemination & stakeholder engagement.


With our unique position and a membership of over 200 companies in industry, we facilitate cooperation and insight- sharing between industry players and researchers. 

Leveraging our in-house communications, media and event experience, we can expertly execute the dissemination of results for research projects across a spectrum of stakeholders.


We communicate and disseminate the project to spread awareness to a broader audience by:

  • Creating a brand unique to the project that will resonate with the key stakeholders to portray a clear and consistent message across the C&D activities.
  • Developing a C&D strategy that will play an integral part in the projects process of exploitation.
  • Identifying the most relevant stakeholders and the most effective channels to be used.
  • Announcing and highlighting project results and deliverables to ensure that the information reaches the right people for long-term sustainable results.

We identify, engage & exploit key stakeholders by:

  • Developing a stakeholder engagement process ensuring the work of the project partners is being shaped by and shared to the most relevant people.
  • Using our unique position in the Irish market to access to the most important players in the Irish renewables industry.
  • Using online platforms and industry leading events for continuous engagement and maximum impact.

We host project events & workshops:

  • Project events and workshops play a crucial role in fostering understanding, collaboration, and progress. They provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and hands-on experience.
  • WEI’s track record for industry leading conferences, workshops and forums give us the competitive advantage to plan, organise and executive events that consistently exceed expectations.



Our Current Projects:


T shore EU ERASMUS 4 year        IDEA-IRL SEAI 3 years        Spine H2        Re-Harrier SEAI       





Want to learn more?

Interested in working with Wind Energy Ireland on a funded research project? Contact our research team for more information. 


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