Introducing the Policy & Research Fund


Wind Energy Ireland has set up a Policy & Research Fund to progress the key objective of the WEI 2022-2025 Strategy - to lead Ireland to a zero-carbon electricity system by 2035.


The revenue from this new funding is ring-fenced for the WEI Policy & Research team to drive the policies that will delivery this objective, cut our carbon emissions, end our dependence on imported fossil fuels and support the Irish economy.


Wind Energy Ireland’s Policy & Research Fund is proudly supported by:


ESB    Statkraft   Corio   


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Why is this funding important?

Funding is required to support growth in key focus areas to deliver the policy objectives within the new WEI Strategy for both onshore & offshore members:

✓ Future electricity market design and grid capacity

✓ EU Energy Policy - Improved Irish representation and influence at EU level (particularly in energy markets & offshore grid development)

✓ Support the development of a domestic Green Hydrogen industry

✓ Support the electrification of heat and transport to deliver the targets in the Climate Action Plan

✓ Enhance our focus on sustainability & biodiversity


What has it helped deliver?

The Policy & Research Fund has contributed towards several evidence-based research activities to support policy development for renewables in Ireland. It has also helped WEI to launch our first ever graduate programme to expand the capability in our Policy & Research team and develop the next generation of talent for the sector. It has played a role in enabling WEI to progress our influence in Europe by bringing on board a Brussels-based public affairs agency which will help WEI to play a direct role in EU renewables policy in the years ahead.


With thanks to our funders

We cannot succeed without a strong policy team using robust, evidence-based, research, to make the case for a zero-carbon electricity system in Ireland.

We have the pipeline of projects and an industry determined to deliver but we need to ensure we have a planning system that is fit for purpose, an efficient electricity market and a grid that can cope with all of the renewable power our onshore and offshore wind farms can produce.

The Policy & Research Fund is what enables us to drive the renewable energy debate in Ireland, to bring forward the ideas, to identify the solutions, to build the alliances with those who share our vision for an Ireland free of our dependency on fossil fuels, a climate action leader and, one day, energy independent.

We cannot put in place the policies needed to generate the renewable energy we need to meet our Climate Action Plan targets without robust, evidence-based, research.


Testimonials from our proud funders



“For me, WEI is a classic example of the total being greater than the sum of the parts. The collective voice of WEI captures the essence of the wind industry in Ireland and speaks with credibility to our external stakeholders. It's that credibility which leads those outside of the industry to listen to what WEI says and, more importantly, trust their assessment.”
- Gary Connolly, Offshore Wind Development Manager, Asset Development, ESB



“Statkraft Ireland sees immense value in Wind Energy Ireland’s dedicated Research and Policy Fund and is happy to be a contributor to it. Research and evidence-based fact is essential in pushing for policy changes and making sure we put the strongest possible arguments in front of decision-makers. By doing this we can make the undisputable case that much more renewable energy needs to be deployed in Ireland – for the benefit of our environment and our energy supply.”
- Donal O’Sullivan, VP Wind and Solar and Director, Statkraft Ireland



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