Powering Progress - Featured Segment with KCLR


Jerry Mac Evilly

Why we need renewables

Jerry Mac Evilly of Friends of the Earth discusses why we need renewable energy.



Justin Moran

Onshore wind

Justin Moran of WEI discusses onshore wind energy.



Dr. Paul Deane

The impact of wind energy on the price of electricity

Dr. Paul Deane of UCC talks about Ireland's reliance on fossil fuels leaving consumers exposed to high cost electricity. He foresees that Ireland can expect, as a result of building wind energy, a future of affordable, clean energy.



James Delahunt

The economic benefits of renewable energy

James Delahunt of KMPG talks about jobs in renewables and the economic benefits renewable energy.



Bobby Smith and Joseph Devlin

Energy Storage

Bobby Smith of Energy Storage Ireland discusses battery storage and Joseph Devlin of Energia talks about green hydrogen.



Dave Linehan

Our electricity grid – what it does and why it’s important to all of us

Dave Linehan discusses our electricity grid and how we all benefit from the electricity it delivers to us.



Dr. Carmel Brennan

Wind farms and nature

Dr. Carmel Brennan of SSE Renewables discusses wind farms and nature.