OUR WORLD: Featured Segment with East Coast FM

Over the summer of 2022 Wind Energy Ireland partnered with Wicklow radio station East Coast FM.  The OUR WORLD segment provided a weekly opportunity for Wicklow listeners to hear about the renewable energy, offshore wind farms, and all sorts of other environmental and biodiversity related topics.


Justin Moran, Wind Energy Ireland

Why we need renewable energy

The first episode featured Justin Moran of Wind Energy Ireland describing why it is we need renewable energy in Ireland, how fossil fuels dictate our energy prices, and how renewables - especially wind energy - can reduce these costs.

Part One


Part Two


Professor Jane Stout, Trinity College

Biodiversity and pollinators

In the second of our continuing Our World series with East Coast FM Professor Jane Stout from Trinity College joins Declan Meehan to discuss Ireland's biodiversity crisis and how pollinator plans can be part of the solution. 


Kaj Christiansen, SSE

Building an offshore wind farm

Kaj Christiansen of SSE joins Declan Meehan to discuss what is involved in the development of an offshore wind farm as wind energy is a solution to both the climate and energy crisis.

Part 1

Part 2


Prof John Sweeney, Maynooth University and Yvonne Cronin, DP Energy

Climate change, heatwaves and individual responsibility and offshore wind farm environmental impact studies

Prof John Sweeney speaks to D Meehan about alarming heatwaves and how individuals must play their part in reducing CO2. Yvonne Cronin of DP Energy speaks about robust environmental impact and other studies planned for proposed Shelmalere Wind Farm.


Mark Ruane, Green Tech Skillnet

Education and jobs in the renewables sector

Mark Ruane talks about the jobs and skills training available in the renewables sector.


Declan Byrne, the SUAS Project

Wicklow Uplands Council SUAS Project

Declan Byrne of the SUAS Project and Declan Meehan of East Coast FM discuss work to support biodiversity in our uplands.


Paul Kelly, RWE

Sea area consenting and planning applications

Paul Kelly explains the maritime area consenting process that leads to planning applications in our sea areas while Declan Meehan asks "how we get offshore wind farms built faster"?


Padraic Fogerty, Irish Wildlife Trust

Protecting nature in heatwaves

Padraic Fogerty of The Irish Wildlife Trust discusses protecting nature when we experience heatwaves.


John Young, SSE Renewables

Electricity price certainty and energy security from developing renewables

John Young of SSE Renewables discussed the electricity price certainty and energy security that will become win/wins from developing renewables.


John Gibbons, Journalist

Climate change concerns

John Gibbons climate journalist shares his knowledge. There is no silver bullet that will fix climate change, he refuses to take the view that it's too late to change - wind and solar energy are solutions we can apply.


Wendy Jones, CVSC Wales, and Denise Horan, Codling Wind Park

How Welsh communities have benefited from wind farm community funds

Wendy Jones from Wales provides a sense of the benefit communities there are already gaining. Denise Horan from Codling Wind Park discusses the millions of Euro which east coast communities are set to gain as wind farms begin generating electricity.


Collie Ennis, UCD

Impact of climate change on our native Irish insects

Collie Ennis Research Associate with UCD Zoology Dept. discusses the negative impacts, including climate change, on our native insects and the danger that venomous, crop destroying, tropical species will establish in Ireland as our climate warms.


Gavin Arneill, DP Energy

How a balance is struck between consideration for the environment and wind farm development

Gavin Arneill of DP Energy discusses the studies wind farm developers carry out to understand the biodiversity where a wind farm is proposed. A balance is struck between the wind farm development and consideration for the environment.


Cara Augustenborg, UCD

How Ireland is doing on its environmental commitments and why we need renewable energy

Cara Augustenborg discusses issues slowing the development of offshore wind farms and much needed renewable energy to help us rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. In Ireland, each hour we spend €1m on fossil fuels. We need to get off fossil fuel.