“The trainers and course offerings are very strong, and upskilling will continue to be a requirement in a changing and growing economy. A broader understanding and increased awareness of renewable energy and greater training options available to workers in this area will benefit multiple industries and the economy as a whole.”

Tom Parlon

Director General, Construction Industry Federation


“The courses provide invaluable insight into key and emerging strategic issues faced by operators. The courses are always delivered to the highest standards by recognised leading experts in the relevant area and are an integral part of our training and CPD programs.”

Robert Spicer

ABO Wind OMS Ireland Ltd.


“This course was delivered at a very pertinent time for the wind industry in the context of various legal challenges to wind energy projects. It was not available at the time elsewhere and was attended predominantly by EIA coordinators for wind energy professionals. The course tutors were leaders in their field of expertise in the private sector and predominantly of excellent quality. This course has supported improvements in our internal EIA co-ordination and represented a good return on investment in that the in-house EIA coordinators have been enabled to become more engaged with the EIA topic professionals.”

Philomena Kenealy

Executive Director, Ecopower Developments


“The trainer is a practitioner of Community Engagement and has a wealth of current and relevant experience. I hope to put into practice some of the key learnings from this training and help to raise awareness on the importance of this area for industry. The training was brilliant, superb!”

Peter O’Hagan

Project Director, ESB Asset Development


"The training has really helped with my day to day work duties, they have kept me up to date with the latest techniques and are always relevant to the issues within our Industry at that time. All the individual trainers were great and of the highest standard. In many cases the network provided training that we would not otherwise have been able to avail of and for a very reasonable price.”

Jack Brett

Ecopower Developments


“We identified a need within our business to train a number of staff on blade technology and maintenance strategy. The network were instrumental in sourcing an expert and facilitating the tailored development of this course such that it suited the technologies in our varied wind farm portfolio. The course was excellent. This was the first of a number of other courses that have been developed where there was previously none and we’re finding that the quality and content of the courses being developed, their open outlook for emerging areas of interest and the momentum they’re bringing to this space on an industry level is all hugely valuable, much needed and most welcome. In all honesty, I can’t recommend them enough.”

Robert Farrell

Renewables O&M, ESB Generation


“Along with providing excellent training from some of the leading experts in the field of wind energy, the training programme also enables great networking opportunities. Through attending t training courses, people from different companies have the opportunity to make connections and discuss some of the challenges being faced by the sector. The network also provides an opportunity to reach out to people in the sector in delivering the important messages of Industry Best Practice. The network has played an essential role in providing training and information to the Wind Industry. I would support the continued support of the programme. I would also highlight the opportunity to expand Greentech Skillnet to cover other renewable energy sectors, using the experience of Greentech Skillnet to reach further into the energy sector.”

Dr. Mary Doorly

External Engagement Manager, Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme, University College Dublin