National poll: 4 in 5 people support Irish wind energy development with 3 in 5 backing local wind farms.

12 Feb 2024

It’s official we love wind!
 National poll: 4 in 5 people support Irish wind energy development with 3 in 5 backing local wind farms.

Cheaper electricity, reduced carbon emissions and energy security listed as top three reasons for widespread support

4 in 5 people in are in favour of wind energy development, with 3 in 5 supporting wind farms for their local area, according to a new survey on perceptions and attitudes towards wind energy in Ireland.

The annual research poll, which was carried out by Interactions Research on behalf of Wind Energy Ireland, shows an increase in the number of people who support the development of wind farms in their locality. 

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The latest figures also show that there is a consistently high level of support for wind energy in Ireland, with favourable responses largely in line with 2022 figures. Meanwhile a further drop in opposition to wind energy means now just 1 in 25 (4%) are opposed to Ireland’s chief source of renewable energy.

Cheaper electricity, reduced carbon emissions, and positive environmental impacts were cited as the top three reasons people supported wind farms, with the important role of wind energy in supporting Ireland’s energy independence also recognised as a leading benefit.

Justin Moran, Director of External Affairs at Wind Energy Ireland, welcomed the survey results.

“The results of the annual poll confirm the continuing popularity of Irish wind energy. Irish people want cheaper and cleaner power. They know our wind farms are the cornerstone of Irish energy independence. 

“Last year was a record-breaking year for Ireland’s wind farms, producing more electricity than ever before. While consumers continued to face high energy bills, wind was critical to protect consumers from the worst effects of the fossil fuel energy crisis. In Ireland, we are fortunate that our natural resources give us a huge advantage in developing renewables and we should be doing everything we can to take advantage of this.

The poll also showed strong levels of support for the offshore wind sector; over 3 in 4 (78%) said they are in favour of the use of offshore wind in Ireland, with 4 in 5 acknowledging its important role in delivering energy security for Ireland.

However, there was a high level of uncertainty among respondents as to whether or not we were doing enough in terms of national policies to support the development of the industry– just 37% of respondents agreed, while 34% disagreed.

Commenting on these offshore figures, Justin Moran said:

“These results show that Ireland overwhelmingly supports the development of Ireland’s wind energy industry. A recent study showed that offshore wind energy has the potential to be worth €38 billion to the Irish economy. We have the popular support, and we have the projects. What we need now is the skills pipeline and the planning certainty to make the most of this enormous opportunity.”


This survey was commissioned by Wind Energy Ireland to measure and track perceptions and attitudes around wind energy amongst Irish adults. This year’s survey sampled a representative sample of 1,017 Irish adults together with a supplementary booster sample of 221 rural dwellers. Fieldwork took place between 17th November and 1st December 2023.


Additional survey findings:

When asked to rank the top 5 benefits of wind energy the responses were as follows:

·       Cheaper electricity – 74%

·       Reduces CO2 emissions – 70%

·       Good for the environment – 69%

·       Supports energy independence – 52%

·       Creates employment – 46%

·       Good for local communities nearby – 37%

·       I don’t know of any benefits – 9%

·       There is no benefit – 4%