Wind energy industry welcomes new marine planning system

01 Jul 2021

Wind Energy Ireland, the country’s largest renewable energy industry organisation, has welcomed the publication this morning of the National Marine Planning Framework and the Maritime Area Planning Bill.

Ireland has a target to develop 5,000 MW of offshore wind energy by the end of 2030, approximately 7-10 wind farms, and establishing a planning system for these projects is absolutely essential.

Noel Cunniffe, CEO of Wind Energy Ireland, said: “The heatwaves we’re seeing in North America remind us again there is no time to waste. We must decarbonise our energy system as quickly as we can and offshore wind energy is critical for this.”

“The NMPF and the Maritime Area Planning Bill might have been a long time coming but they are very welcome nonetheless and the Government deserves credit for bringing them forward.”

“We will be writing to the leader of every political party in the Dáil to urge them to prioritise the passage of the Maritime Area Planning Bill. The Oireachtas must give it the proper, robust, scrutiny required of every piece of legislation but, if TDs meant what they said during the debate on the Climate Action Bill, it should be pushed to the top of the agenda.”