Turbines, Grid and Ports: How we maximise delivery of Ireland’s offshore wind

Turbines, Grid and Ports: How we maximise delivery of Ireland’s offshore wind

21 April 2023 11:00 - 21 April 2023 12:30
At Wind Energy Ireland
Categories: Webinars

Join us online on the 21st of April for our webinar.

Ireland has ambitious targets to reduce our carbon emissions and reach a Net-Zero future. Offshore wind will be critical to this with equally ambitious targets for 7 GW to be deployed in the near term to 2030, as well as longer term targets out towards 2050. We know the project pipeline is there to achieve this and the policy landscape is evolving, setting out a phased pathway for development over time.
What we are here to discuss during this webinar, is what will that future for offshore wind look like in Ireland and how can we enable its delivery, maximising the value of the resource we have at our disposal.

Our speakers will take us through recently completed research on behalf of WEI, looking at Ireland’s long-term potential for offshore wind and how it can not only contribute to Net-Zero ambitions, but also enabling Ireland to become a net exporter. We will go on to take a look at technological breakthroughs in grid design which can support the longer-term vision of building a European SuperGrid, which can enable Ireland to become a key player in decarbonising not just our own energy system, but that of our European neighbours as well. And finally, we will examine the vital role ports have to play in delivering offshore wind farms and the funding mechanisms which should be considered in Ireland to support the development of ORE infrastructure so that we can build offshore wind farms in Irish waters, from Irish ports, maximising the benefits to the country, the economy and to coastal communities.



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